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my rant of the moment

i live in a house with two small children. why is it that neither child is able to keep their grubby little mits off of my yarn? i put it in plastic bags, in boxes, on high shelves, and no matter what i do the little stinkers manage to get their hands all over it. it's like they have yarn radar. oh- mom just cast on a new project? and it's not for ME? hmmmmmm, i just ate peanut butter and jelly- let's go find it.

at least the cats just sit on it.
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My kids leave the knitting alone, generally - I've always knit around them so they know that it's hands-off. The cats are another story... I've got one yarn-eater and one sweater-eater. They are the reason everything gets bagged up/put away at the end of the day.
I have a friend who actually knit while breast-feeding. But then I have another friend whose daughter has just learnt to crawl and she is fascinated by the needles and tries to grab them. Cats on the other hand like to chew on needles, especially the bamboo ones. Yummie. ;-)