pickleboot (pickleboot) wrote in knitters_rants,

ranting away

so this isn't exactly aobut knitting, but about some knitting things in general.

why is it that some knitting groups seem so pre-disposed to, well, mean comments? here on lj and elsewhere it seems that there has to be some major drama and nastiness every few weeks. and it is based on somethng silly. like a mention of religion, or children, or pets.

now- i do not care if you have religion kids or pets. i have kids and pets. maybe not so much on the religion thing, but that is my deal. why, oh why, do people start things when what is really being asked is for a yarn sub, or a reccomendation on a friendly lys that won't mind kids. or- as a bigger issue- the stitch and bitch crap that is going on? why is this? is it necessary? does it make us better people? or are the ones starting all of this just liking attention? i do not get it. i read knitting groups, blogs, etc, to get information. to share knowledge. to look for some sympathy about random knitting issues. but then i have to deal with crap. is there a crap filter? can we install one to keep the nasty comments and shit stirrers out? i'd like that very much.

yeah- a filter to keep the assholes of the world out. and off my knitting info. that would rock.
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